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software requirements//

PureData_Extended, version 0.43.4;
Processing, version 3.3.5.

'geomet' is a minimalist audiovisual piece that explores the use of parameters for granular, delay, and reverb effects as means to granulate and manipulate the image. Visuals were inspired by John Whitley's vintage computer art, especially his Experiments in Motion Graphics (1968). Made as part of a research portfolio focusing on 'adaptations of video game audio-influenced parameters for play within an interactive sonic environment', MMus Sonic Arts, Goldsmiths University of London.

The audio stems were generated in Cecelia, the audio programming was written in PureData, and the visuals were programmed in Processing. 

Online browser/separate application version to be made in the future, hopefully if I grab the time to rewrite this entirely for vanilla PD, create the Processing file in p5.js,  and then convert to an application or browser. 

This version of geomet is available for anyone to experiment with their own MIDI controllers, or adjust visuals, that sort of thing! feel free to let me know what you make of this in the comments. 

If you either: want to support future development of this, or support me generally, or want to use this for a thing (eg. a project), then please donate through here, or use ko-fi or PayPal. Credit back to this project, too, thanks!

This is also demoable for any exhibitions, if you would like to show this somewhere, please get in touch!



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