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Hashtag Dungeon - the dungeon crawler powered by your Tweets!

Hashtag Dungeon is a rogue-like dungeon crawler that uses Twitter as its method of dungeon generation! Create dungeons yourself using our built-in dungeon editor and tweet your levels to the world, or venture through levels created by other players. Assume the role of a Dungeon Explorer or a Dungeon Master in order to create a unique dungeon crawling experience!


So Hashtag Dungeon was pretty much the first formal game that I've worked on (having previously been involved in game jams and demos and what not), and Sean Oxspring was amazing enough to allow me to have free reign on the music and its direction; we both knew we wanted to have that chiptune/rock sort of sound, although I have thrown in some electronic elements to it, as well. With this being my first OST for a game, I wanted to make it the best first OST I can with what I got, really. It's not perfect, by any means, there's some stuff that I may have gone back to if given the chance, but I'm overall pretty happy with it, and very proud of it. Here's to many more of these I guess?!

Thank you to Sean for giving me the opportunity to work on this and for the feedback on each track, Kieran for being cool with me to work on this game, haha, Robin for the amazing album art. And thank you to my friends, some in which if it hadn't been for some of them I wouldn't have gotten the idea of trying to compose for games in the first place. And family, of course, for accommodating me whilst I was composing the OST. You are all pretty okay.

All money from my work will go directly towards improving my music and sound work and resources, so I can keep improving and creating what I love. Cliche as hell, eh, but it's true.

Tracks 1-3 and 5-10 composed and produced by Liz Rainsberry
Track 4 composed by Tom Manning, and arranged and produced by Liz Rainsberry

lizrainsberry.com // twitter.com/LizRainsberry

Artwork by Robin French
sketchrobin.com // twitter.com/sketchrobin


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